How To Increase Performance & Reach on LinkedIn

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This is for:

  • Founders, builders and leaders who are building audience on LinkedIn and want to increase performance and reach to be able to sell more


  • How to increase performance and reach and turn your content into a sales rep working for you 24/7 on the global market
  • A step by step guide with actionable advice on how you can improve
  • How to best post on LinkedIn - what to do before and after
  • What me and the biggest creators on LinkedIn do on a daily basis
  • Why you shouldn’t niche down; YOU are the niche
  • How to build trust, build bigger reach and sell more 
  • Examples of good and bad comments, the importance of specific content
  • The spectrum of your buyer and how to position yourself
  • How to write revenue generating stories
  • A creator with 100,000 followers results in 20x more impact than from someone with 1,000 followers (!)
  • How to build a content strategy system to keep yourself from quitting
  • My ideation process for content
  • My formula for building a 6-figure business through organic content in 12 months
  • How to build your personal brand into an asset that will compound for you

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How To Increase Performance & Reach on LinkedIn

1 rating
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